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Hello there! Welcome to TheHealthStuff - Thehealthstuff.com is a blog which is poised to deliver innovative, useful guides and tips concerning the general health of the public. Here at TheHealthStuff, we are a team of young university undergrads in the medical, science and technology fields. Presently, due to the uniqueness of our contents, we've been able to attain the trust f many users all over the globe. As a health blog, http://thehealthstuff.com gives its best in providing the right information and tips concerning your health and fitness. Although, the information you get here is only intended to guide you and not to go "prescribe drugs" to you. First, go to your physician and seek medical advice or treatment. We are just here to provide you easy-to-do health tips about your whole wellbeing, weight, fitness level. For more inquiries, information, contact the admin at support@thehealthstuff.com

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Toyin Onagoruwa is the founder and CEO of thehealthstuff.com alongside Infotechmagna.blogspot.com, I am a 300 level student of Ethnobotany in the University of Lagos, Nigeria. I like surfing the web, reading, outdoor camping and swimming. When you do not see me on my computer, I will probably be in the lobby reading various health books like human anatomy and physiology.

Toyin Onagoruwa likes blogging about health, Fitness tips,  Android tips, games etc. You can connect to me on both my Google+ and Facebook profiles. I will be willing to render any assistance to you whenever you reach out to me.

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