Things You Need To Know About The Ovia Pregnancy And The Ovia Pregnancy App Today!

Ovia is an online pregnancy app that deals with fertility and pregnancy. What ovia simply does is to help women get pregnant by using various digital mobile technology to achieve this. Researchers have carried out several kinds of research which has shown that ovia uses various data analysis to test and screen women for pregnancy and hence makes them conceive much more faster. The Ovia pregnancy app and pregnancy tracker are both products of

 Ovia Pregnancy And The Ovia Pregnancy App

Ovuline has claimed that their platform makes women become pregnant 3 times more than regular women which are fact yet to be confirmed. But we keep our hands folded until we have the final answer about whether their facts are true or false. The ovia pregnancy app is designed to help women know basic information concerning their pregnancy and the current status of their pregnancy. The ovia application contains certain features which I feel is good for pregnant women to know and own. Although, I'm not entirely convinced with the works of Ovuline, but I certainly go with their application and I recommend as a must have to all American pregnant women out there. With the ovia pregnancy app, pregnant women can have basic information in relation to their pregnancy such as tracking their baby's latest development which they get to know on a weekly basis.

Features Of The Ovia Pregnancy App

The ovia pregnancy app is so well equipped with basic pregnancy information which I find very useful to pregnant women. Some of the features you can find inside the ovia pregnancy application include:
  1. You get to see daily updates concerning your baby's recent development, position, and size.
  2. The application also contains a well accurate maternity calendar.
  3. While using the ovia app, you can check real-time updates base on the symptoms you're currently witnessing.
  4. There are various useful tools about pregnancy like articles, tips to follow while you're pregnant.
  5. The Ovia app has a very strong support system which gives you feedback concerning your pregnancy queries, goals, data and other information like your current body mass index(BMI).
  6. You get to track your pregnancy progress by using this app.
  7. The ovia app also has an inbuilt calculator that gives you your likely conception due to date base on the pregnancy information you've provided.
  8. There is also a question and answer section where various pregnant women ask questions relating to pregnancy and get instant answers right away.
Furthermore, with the ovia pregnancy application, you can track your diet, symptoms, sleep, moods, and weight progress. To get data about your sleep, you'll need to connect your sleep wifi tracker to the ovia pregnancy app. Many women have been thanking Ovia for giving them the necessary information they needed to know concerning their pregnancy and possible miscarriage symptoms to be aware of. By knowing these symptoms, they can better take care of their pregnancy.

They app also tells them the best food supplement that are necessary for each pregnancy stage, they can also record their food data to know if they're getting the right quantity of foods and nutrients requirements for their baby's development. Trust me, this app is probably one of the best pregnancy apps out there because of its exclusive features and functionality. Ovia pregnancy app was developed by a group of scientists from the Harvard University and also from contributions from various pregnancy experts and moms.

The ovia pregnancy app uses cloud storage which means that you can backup your data in the cloud, It's functionality is simply the beside, besides, it has a very user-friendly interface and is dubbed very mobile-friendly which makes it very accessible by mobile users. The app also have various customizing options which really makes it cool! You can customize your baby's name, timeline, and gender. Also, you can also add photos(Several pictures you took during your baby's ultrasound, or pictures of your baby's bump), tags and even several notes denoting when you've achieved certain pregnancy milestones.

Finally, you can also share your ovia information, milestones, photos on social media platforms. Now, having heard all this, I'm sure the question you must have been asking yourself will be " Where can I download this ovia pregnancy app?" We;; don't you worry because has put that in place for you. Simply click on the download link according to the device you're using.
  1. For iPhone users, click this link to download the Ovia pregnancy and baby tracker app.
  2. Android users should click this link to download it directly from the Google play store.
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