Here is a list of stomach flu symptoms and best remedies to solve them

Stomach flu(gastroenteritis) is a disease of the small intestine. It is caused by the inflammation of the intestinal tract in humans. Scientifically, the disease is said to be caused due to fungal, virus and bacterial infections. There are many types of stomach flu symptoms that humans exhibits but there are only some that are predominant like vomiting, pain in the abdominal region, diarrhea, fever etc. Nonetheless, stomach flu can come with other minor symptoms like weakness and fever. So below I will be discussing more on the symptoms of stomach flu and how best they can be curbed.

stomach flu symptoms

Common stomach flu symptoms includes;

The most common symptoms of stomach flu involves;

  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain and 
  • Diarrhea.
  • Nausea
  • Muscle pain
  • Watery stool.

Studies show that symptoms in children are similar to that of adults. Although, is more severe in adults. Other symptoms include; a headache, internal weakness, sore throats etc. People infected can make a speedy delivery within 2-10 days of medication. If not properly treated or maintained, stomach flu can lead to more severe conditions skin turgor, dehydration. The disease is predominantly witnessed in underdeveloped countries where poor sanitation is practiced.

Causes of stomach flu

Gastroenteritis is caused by virus families- Rotavirus, Norovirus and a few bacteria species such as Campylobacter sp. People contact the disease when they eat or drink from an unhygienic area. Other methods of contacting the stomach flu are when a non-infected person has a physical contact with an infected person either by body fluids, food or by making use of an infected person's personal stuff.

Basic methods of treating stomach flu(Gastroenteritis)

1# Drink enough water

During the stage of this disease, one gets to lose excess body fluids either by diarrhea, vomiting etc. So a good way to make up for the lost body fluids is by replacing them with new ones. Your physician will recommend that you drink up liquid substances be it broth or water at intervals. Note: Although you're expected to take up certain amounts of liquid during this stage, there are actually some liquid substances we won't advice you to take at this period. These substances include coffee, tea and other stimulants containing liquid. This is because these liquids contain caffeine which is a stimulant hereby causing hyperactivity of the brain and inhibiting sleep. Unfortunately, sleep/rest are important practices during this period hence tea and other stimulants containing liquids is a no go area.

2# Eat minimal food

When someone contacts this disease, one tends to lose water so replacing the liquid with food totally makes no sense. I'm not saying the infected individual should eat food at all, all I'm simply saying is that he/she should eat food minimally. The person can start introducing food to his/her diet at a slower pace in order not to trigger the illness as it is a gastrointestinal issue. If by any chance the person wants to eat something solid(food), I will advice he goes for cereal, wheat, banana, bread, Irish potato, and vegetables for now and when he/she has fully recovered, he can now go on with he/her normal routine diet.

3# Be proactive rather than be active

I've always told parents to be proactive at all times simply because prevention is better than cure. Why should we face and suffer a disease that we can actually prevent in the first place? Its simply, parents should start introducing more hygiene practices in their homes as to not predispose their kids to ailments like this. Children have been reported to have a greater share of this ailment simply because we can't compare their immune system to ours. The disease an adult's immune system can repel, children might not do the same. So, now that we know these kids immune system is not strong enough to protect them against virus infections of this kind, the best thing for our parents is to always adopt best hygiene practices.

4# A good rest/sleep is required

Sleep is one thing everyone needs in order to be active and last longer. Therefore, sleep is an essential prerequisite for long life- Medically proven. When one has the stomach flu, all the individual's energy would've been exhausted due to frequent vomiting, sweating, and diarrhea. Therefore, having a good rest/sleep is an important step in order for the individual to regain his/her strength back.

5# Follow your physician's advice duly

Most people are defaulters of good drug intake. They tend to abuse drugs simply because they think taking excess tablets for a particular illness will cure it faster. This is wrong! in short, it is a bad practice that shouldn't be encouraged in all ramifications. Stomach flu infections cannot be cured with drugs! People think that since it was caused by a virus so using antibiotics would be ideal in order to fish out the virus. This practice is wrong as abusing of tablets have various side effects in the human body. I will advice you to seek medical help and follow medical instructions as it is their field and there are experts in the profession. They have the best knowledge concerning your health. Taking drugs like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen during this period have various side effects on the long run. Just follow the various basic prescriptions that your physician tells you to make use.

That's all the basic advice and methods of treating stomach flu that I've got. Now, people are having a misconception about the disease saying its only meant for children. I guess its time t clear the air on that.

Who can have the stomach flu? Only children?

The saying that stomach flu is for the young is not entirely true. Some adults do get it too..This mainly occurs in adults that have a poor immune system. Furthermore, the aged are also predispose to stomach flu as the functionality of our immune system decreases as we advance in age. Also, for antibiotics abusers, well you'll be surprised to know that taking antibiotics frequently even increases you chances f getting the stomach flu. This is because decreases the population of GI bacteria hence allowing the growth and population of other bacteria species like Clostridium species to grow in number.

Poor hygiene habits predispose one to disease like this and others like typhoid, diarrhea, cholera and others. So I'll advice you guys to take hygiene seriously as it is the key to a healthy life.

Children are the most predispose to this disease because their immune system is not yet strong to an extent that it can wade off strong virus families like Rotavirus.

How to prevent stomach flu

The common way of preventing stomach flu is by practicing a good hygiene habit and also maintaining a healthy lifestyle like eating the balanced diet, doing exercise regularly. In the situation where someone already has the disease in your household, just isolate the individual so as not risking him/her spreading the disease.

Getting a speedy recovery

Of course, there is no one that likes being sick, By following my remedies above, you can fight stomach flu within the shortest possible time frame. Just follow your doctor's advice and I wish you a speedy recovery!

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