Low Back Pain Is Your Worst Enemy. Read On How To Defeat It Now!

Low back pain is becoming a common trend lately not only among with the aged but also to the youth.Yes, youths..our future leaders!. Nearly every persons in the world would've had an encounter with lower back pain one way or the other. Medically, there are many factors that influence lower back pain some which I will discuss in this article alongside the best possible methods you can use to treat and manage your low back pain issue.
Low Back Pain
Medically, low back pain may be defined as the pain associated in the lumber region involving the nerves, muscles of the lower part of the back. The pain may be classified into two according to our serious it is in a particular individual. In respect to what I just said, the two(2) types of low back pain we have includes chronic and acute. I will explain that it takes to label a low back pain as chronic or acute below.

Chronic lower back pain: This is a sharp pain one one feels around the lower back region. The pain may be severe or mild and in most cases usually more than 12 weeks.

Acute lower back pain: This type is usually mild and fast disappearing. It is usually triggered by mechanical and environmental factors. It usually lasts for about 5 weeks.

The causes of lower back pain have been attributed to many factors, this being that the case is ambiguous and medically professionals cannot really give a direct cause of the disorder. This adding to the fact that it is triggered by a lot of factors be it mechanical, environmental, genetical, stress. Although most low back pains are acute and tend to go by themselves, some may persist for a very long time. This is why you need to always be in touch with your physician as to when you need to start taking medical advice on your lower back pain.

Symptoms And Signs That You Might Have A Low Back Pain

Often times people do tend to mistake low back pain with just a regular back pain. This is the reason why most people does not really take it seriously until it gets to the stage of discomfort where a medical help is a need in order to curb it as it now disrupts your everyday activities be it at work or at home. Symptoms of low back pain include sharp pain during twisting your waist, sciatica, lifting an object, feeling a spasm in your back muscles, pain around your buttock area and when you're doing or carrying out a forward-bending task.

Major Causes Of Lower Back Pain

As I've said earlier, LBP is not a specific in the sense that there are many causes that could lead to a lower back pain. These causes vary among themselves and among individuals based on the type of work or activities the individual has associated it. Other causes are:
  • Injuries
  • Skeletal strains
  • Obesity
  • Bad posture
  • Poor sleeping posture
  • Work requiring a lot of energy
  • Sitting for long,
Other common causes of lower back pain are: Sprains/strains, radiculopathy, degeneration of the intervertebral disc, herniated discs, accident/injury, featured irregularities in the skeleton and spondylolisthesis. Some uncommon causes include; osteoporosis(softening of the bone), infections and tumors, inflammation of the joints, fibromyalgia etc.

At Risk Of Developing Low Back Pain? Read Below...

Low back pain disease commonly dubbed as a disease for the old, it is now a disease that exists among young adults at early 20's and even teenagers. Recent studies performed has discovered that about 75-80% of the general public will witness a form of low back pain in their lifetime be it acute or chronic LBP. Due to the rapid development of the world, man engages himself in more and more strenuous works every day so as to keep tabs with development. Recent innovations in the Engineering field is alarming as man tasks himself to do things previously dubbed impossible. 

Although development should be welcome in all societies, there is also need to take good care of our self by caring for both our skeletal and muscular environments. Man engage in long hours standing especially security and military personnel. This naturally aggravates low back pain as the upper hemisphere of the body entirely rests on the pelvis which is connected to the back discs hence resulting in LBP.

Diagnosing Lower Back Pain At The Earlier Stage Is Key

For a lower back pain to be diagnosed, medical practitioners need to ascertain the region that is causing the pain as we know that there are a couple of areas that could be actually causing a pain. Thereby a test is carried out on the position the pain is coming from. As at today, low back pain has been classified into three(3) different types. These includes;
  • The Axial low back pain
  • Sciatica(Lumbar radiculopathy)
  • Referred low back pain
     1. Axial low back pain: This back pain deals only with the lower back region. This pain can be severe and sharp at times which could inhibit day to day activities if not properly managed in time. Certain physical activities like engaging in sports can actually induce it. I will advise patients suffering from the Axial low back pain to take rest seriously as it has been scientifically proven that rest tends to make it go away quickly. In most cases, low axial back pain does not persist more than 11 weeks because it is acute in nature. But if not managed properly, low axial back pain could result in chronic back pain.

     2. Sciatica: Sciatica is a condition where the nerve roots which are located in the sciatica cells have become compressed. It comes with various symptoms such as pain in the lower back, severe pain in the buttocks, leg etc. It is the second most common type of low back pain disorders.

     3. Referred low back pain: This type of low back pain is ambiguous in nature as it does not have a single source. The pain moves from the sciatic nerve to other parts of the lower regions of the body right from the lower back, buttocks, foot, groin. The main is usually dull and can be controlled easily using prescribed treatments.

Diagnosing Lower Back Pain Using Diagnostic Scans

A severe low back pain can be grouped as severe when it does not get relieved after 12 weeks. Hence carrying out a diagnostic test is necessary. A number of tests can be carried out like X-ray, CT scan, Myelogram, MRI scan etc.

Treating Lower Back Pain: Back Pain Medication

Treatment of lower back pain varies and hence none treatment can be used in general. This is because back pain cannot be limited to only one thing. After about 12 weeks of exercises and medication and the pain does not suppress, I suggest you go to your physician for medical steps. Although, it is not all back pain are severe and hence require a surgical operation. Most back pain arises from stress, bad sleeping habit, overdue standing and bad posture, injury. There are a lot of medications and stretches out there that you can follow but it is advisable you visit your health care center. Below, I will be giving some basic medication in which you can use to treat your back pain but if the problem persists, I will advise you to pay a visit to your physician.

  1. The first medication is sleep/rest: Many people undermine the role sleep plays in our lives as living things. It is during sleep hours that the body repair the worn out tissues in our body. Lately, people have not been long hours sleep anymore, this includes the youths, working class and even the aged among us. Lack of sleep/rest can lead to the situation whereby our tissues/muscles are worn out, the consequences of this is that these muscles supports the back bone and when there are not doing their job, it will boomerang to the spine also hence resulting in back pain.

  2. Ice/Heat: Application of ice packs on body surfaces have been known to be effective on various occasions. When we make use of ice or heat, we reduce the inflammation of the muscles, tissues and even the joints in our body.

  3. Taking Medications: There are so many medical prescriptions out there that have been proven in reducing and treating back pains. Medications are designed to reduce inflammations of the muscle, tissues which causes pain. Some medications like codeine, aspirin, morphine tends to block pain because of their psychoactive properties. Make sure all the medications you use are administered and endorsed by a physician. Health is wealth and it must not be toiled with.

Famous Back Pain Stretches That You Have To Engage Yourself In

Below are medically endorsed stretches that could relieve your back pain right from home or the gym center without needing to go to the hospital.
  1. Back Exercise Stretches: Back Flexion Exercise, Knee to Chest Stretch.
  2. Neck and Shoulder Stretches: Ear to Shoulder, Chin to Chest
  3. Back Flexion Exercise
  4. Hip Stretch
  5. Yoga Cat/Cow
  6. Knee to Chest Stretch
  7. Piriformis Muscle Stretch
  8. Lying Knee Twist
  9. Cobra Stretch
Now I hope you've learned a thing or two on how to defeat your low back pain today. Why don't you share this article with friends and family so that they too can learn the basic tricks behind low back pain should in case they have it someday. Also, don't forget to drop your comments below!

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